Why Kalpi?


Maybe you don’t care about politics. Or maybe you do care, but not enough to read bills and stay abreast of political gossip. Or maybe you don’t care. But you should care at least a little assuming you vote. If you don’t vote then go right ahead to this link, no offense taken but please tell your friends about Kalpi. If you do vote, then we understand your pain. Politics can be as insufferable and complicated as a House Baratheon thanksgiving dinner. A lazy media only makes it more difficult to digest. Haaretz does not even attempt to hide its political bias (please open this link, it is quite impressive that a newspaper felt ok to release this) and Yisrael HaYom is owned by a staunch Bibi ally. The other organizations also play their political roles and none can claim to report independently. We have come to accept and expect this bias.

A broken media system increases polarization within the country by delivering cherry picked facts to those most passionate about political activism. Furthermore, data driven…blah blah blah. See! The Gideon Levy strategy of printing shocking verbal vomit receives far more eye clicks than reasoned articles that include important things like, say, facts. However, it also makes us unable to hold our politicians accountable. They then tend to make absurd promises and statements to appeal to an ignorant electorate. As the quality of politics diminishes, people disengage leading to a further reduction of political quality. Eventually, we end up with Yair Lapid solutions for serious problems (just kidding Yesh Atid fans! Yair’s hair is lovely).

Sadly, we accept this, joke about it and move on. Let’s be better! You don’t have to love politics to stay engaged in the basic business of politics. It is our hope that this blog will allow people to stay abreast of the most important political news while still remaining entertaining and unbiased. There will be pictures! There will be graphs! There will be jokes! There will be short articles chock full of basic information regarding what’s happening allowing you, our loyal reader, to sound smart and vote smart. Political gossip, economics, foreign affairs and bills currently in the Knesset will all be covered. We guarantee that if you check out this blog even just once a week you will be more plugged in and ready to opine.

Thanks for coming and tell a friend.

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