How Close are we to Elections and who will Win? The Weekly Update


  • According to multiple polls, sultry look aficionado Yair Lapid may be the next prime minister. The polls indicate that voters from Likud are returning to Bayit Hayehudi, though they may rush back if they get a whiff that Arabs plan to vote in the next election. Meanwhile, Labor voters are fleeing that tire fire for Lapid’s Yesh Atid. In other news, Israeli polls are poor predictors of reality. Comment below if you plan on moving parties!
  • In possible election news, Moshe Kahlon is vaguely threatening a coalition crisis if his plan to tax owners of at least 3 apartments is rejected by other members of the coalition. In totally unrelated news, the housing market slowed after the announcement of his plan. The vagueness of his threat may be due to the fact that Kulanu would probably lose seats in a new election, as most people who voted Kulanu forgot the name of the party until I just wrote it there.
  • Kahlon also boycotted a coalition head meeting due to his opposition to the reorganization of television and radio channels under a new organization that may or may not give the government full control over the press, possibly maybe? Honestly, I’ve read a bunch about this issue and it seems inane to me. I take it as a good sign that this is currently the hottest issue in the Israeli political world.
  • Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel from HaBayit HaYehudi has also threatened to collapse the government if Amona is dismantled in accordance with a Supreme Court ruling. Srugim extra Bezalel Smotrich insisted that right wing governments never give up land despite the fact that right wing governments seem to always give up land.
  • Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz is continuing to make a run at the Likud throne, something that could fundamentally change the next election. In response, Bibi is planning to ride away with his boo.
  • Erel Margalit, Shelly Yachimovitch, Eitan Cabel and the remainders of Isaac Herzog are all competing for the leadership of the Labor Party. Herzog gained the confidence of the majority of Labor activists who pushed off primaries until July 2017. At the Labor conference, those who oppose Herzog shouted for Herzog to “go home” while Herzog shouted to his supporters “Show them who is strong here”, something no strong person ever has to shout.
  • Based on all of the above Kalpi Blogs arbitrary election/Israeli day of rest prediction date is February 8, 2018. Bibi will win one last term before riding off into the sunset. Leave your predictions below!

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