How Close are we to Elections and who will Win: My Amona Edition

Country Power Rankings: Russia is Running the Table

Welcome to the weekly country power rankings where we rank all of the 195ish countries in the world, or at least some of them.

1. US: Moody expects the US to lead global growth over the next two years based on Donald Trump plans to cut taxes and improve infrastructure. This is good! Even if you hate Trump! Dysfunctional transition process, bad. Increase in hate crimes, bad. But this is good!

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My Thoughts on Donald…Just Kidding. Knesset Laws and Polar Bears!

Normally on Wednesdays I write about a bill that’s currently in the Knesset. The most interesting one that I found (and I had time to read) this week was the bill to ban PA systems on the outside of houses of prayer. I had nothing to add on that bill that can’t be found in a bunch of other articles. In short, lots of countries limit the volume of the muezzin. I’ve been woken up by the muezzin including at times that start with 04 on the clock that I had assumed to be theoretical and I know Muslims who are not so tight with Allah who also wish the muezzin would be quieter. Continue reading “My Thoughts on Donald…Just Kidding. Knesset Laws and Polar Bears!”

Then the Housing Market Came Tumbling Down

Israeli society and divisiveness go hand in hand. Arab-Jew, Ashkenazi-Sephardi, Sabra-Oleh, Tel-Aviv – civilized. However, for those of us who live here, one divide painfully stands out; owner-renter. Real estate is a great investment, but is increasingly difficult to attain. However, a study by Dr. Noam Gruber suggests that the housing market is ready to come tumbling down. Rejoice and read on all you renters (owners welcome too)!  Continue reading “Then the Housing Market Came Tumbling Down”