Lazy Dog Owners thy Time has Come: Higher Fines, Still no Jail Time

One time, while on a date, I stepped right into a huge chunk of dog “product”. Since then, I swore never to forgive or forget until the scourge of lazy dog owners was eliminated. To this end, the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved the raising of fines for people who fail to pick up dog excrement in Tel Aviv and Bat Yam from 475 NIS to 730 NIS.

During the debate a number of important points were raised. First of all, the issue was described as “sidewalks covered with tiny landmines”, which is hilarious. Apparently, there are 25,000 registered dogs in Tel Aviv and 5,000 unregistered ones. The dog density ratio is just under that of New York’s. Every year, 2000 tickets are written by the 40 employees tasked with monitoring dog poop. (I wonder how that works at dinner parties. And what about when they call their mothers to tell them for the first time that they graduated from the police academy as a dog poop checker?)

Some would argue that fining people a day and half’s pay is too much and signifies a government overstepping its boundaries. I don’t think it is nearly enough. I will not rest until people who leave dog doo on our nation’s sidewalks are locked away. Dog owner terrorism effects too many people all too frequently.

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Dog Owners thy Time has Come: Higher Fines, Still no Jail Time”

  1. 2000 tickets a year by 40 employees makes for a whopping 50 tickets per year per employee which accounts to about 1 ticket per week per employee. I’d jail the employees too for fleecing our tax money.


    1. I agree! Sounds like the tickets don’t necessarily need to be higher, they just need to be handed out more regularly.

      Also, one out of every six dogs in tel Aviv is not registered? Is anyone working on fixing that?


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