Weekly Election Update: Boisterous Erel Margalit Edition

You’ll Never Believe what this New Law Says about Renewable Energy: Actually, you will. It’s Quite Sensible.

Currently, Israel only gets less than 2% of its energy from renewable sources. This despite the ubiquitous and stylish hot water heating solar panels adorning everyone’s roof. Seeing as there is a global trend to become more energy efficient so that Florida does not end up under water (on second thought…), a number of steps have been taken to make Israel more “green”. For instance, the government plans to install solar arrays on the Knesset roof, while also taking steps to reduce consumption. These panels will of course replace the current system of wires and tubes attached to Oren Hazan and Jamal Zahalka. Continue reading “You’ll Never Believe what this New Law Says about Renewable Energy: Actually, you will. It’s Quite Sensible.”

Childcare Leave in Israel: Do you Know your Rights?

A few weeks ago we wrote about the wage gap in Israel leading to some spirited Facebook discussions. It turns out that women are passionate about the wage gap! Strange. Today I wanted to delve a little deeper into one of the important aspects of the gap, childcare leave. The benefits of childcare leave are far reaching. According to various studies, longer periods of paid leave for mothers increases: women’s participation in the labor market, the ratio of hours worked compared to men, the stability of household income, the duration of breast feeding and immunization rates. It also decreases rates of depression for mothers and infant mortality.  However, there are indications that lengthening the period of paid leave may also widen the wage gap. Therefore, leave is good, but must be balanced with ensuring women’s place in the workforce. Let’s look at the numbers! (Charts at the bottom)
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Weekly Election Update: Forget Everything, there’s a Minuscule Chance for Snow!