Weekly Election Update:Stupid or Liar Edition

Weekly Election Update: Bad News Boogie

  • More polls…blah blah blah…Yesh Atid winning…blah blah blah…Low numbers for Labor…blah blah blah…Zionist Union voters prefer Yair Lapid to be prime minister…blah…wait, what? Poor poor Boogie who finished 3rd amongst his own voters behind Yair Lapid and Moshe Ya’alon on the question. Neither Lapid nor Ya’alon are in the Labor party. Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Bad News Boogie”

Does Yisrael Beiteinu’s New Bill Defend Democracy or Silence Criticism?

Generally, we at Kalpi avoid talking about “the conflict”. Our main goal is to encourage knowledgeable voting and there are already a million things written about “the conflict” so you can read those. However, a recent bill, which is inextricably connected to “the conflict”, brings into question interesting issues related to free speech and the role of government, so wish us luck. Continue reading “Does Yisrael Beiteinu’s New Bill Defend Democracy or Silence Criticism?”

Two Unbelievable Reasons Why Israel’s Crazy Car Tax Makes Sense

Car taxes in Israel are high. Like highest of any non-Danish OECD country high.  In 2015, on average, Israelis paid almost an 80% purchase tax on cars (down from over 100% in 2005). With news that a tax rebate for environmentally friendly cars is going to be harder to receive, I thought it might be useful to delve into car taxes, why they exist and some alternatives that the government could choose. It turns out that they’re not entirely the work of the devil. However, we should all pray for the speedy arrival of the trains. Let’s look at the numbers (charts below. Most of the info was taken from this OECD working paper and this document). Continue reading “Two Unbelievable Reasons Why Israel’s Crazy Car Tax Makes Sense”