Weekly Election Update: Yehuda Glick Attempts to Kiss Oren Hazan

  • Another poll, another indication that the Israeli electorate is following the international political outsider trend. Yesh Atid “won” the poll with 27 mandates followed by the Likud with 23. HaBayit HaYehudi and the United Arab List got 12 and Yisrael Beitenu rounds out the double digit club with 10. Our more observant leaders may notice that a certain major party is not included among these groups. Luckily for current Labor leader Boogie Herzog, the Labor electorate seems to like to recycle former failed leaders so he should make a strong comeback in 2020. Strangely, a strong plurality of those polled prefer Netanyahu as Prime Minister, while Lapid finished in third after “None”. Bibi is like a jelly doughnut. You may have had enough of him, but the alternatives don’t always compare.
  • Speaking of Beebs, it turns out that he may have accepted inappropriate gifts from businessmen. He also gave up one of the three ministries he held in addition to being Prime Minister. This should give him more time to attack the media on Facebook.
  • Former minister Avi Gabai, left Kulanu and boarded the Titanic known as the Labor party. He is expected to run for the head ofthe party (elections should be in July). Current Labor members who may run for the head of a party which is polling at 8 mandates: 1. Isaac Herzog 2. Shelly Yachimovitch 3. Omer Bar-Lev 4. Amir Peretz 5. Erel Margalit 6. Avi Gabai, only two more away from their being as many potential leaders as seats with Tzipi Livni and Gabi Ashkenazi remaining as possible candidates.
  • Former Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi did not deny the possibility of teaming up with rival Ehud Barak for the next elections. Barak, who retired in 2012 to spend time with his family, is now sick of said family and is thinking about running unsuccessfully for office.
  • An Education Committee meeting regarding whether to allow Breaking the Silence to speak in schools broke out into shouting. I would recount the meeting, but everyone reading this can figure it out for themselves. The part that I want to highlight is when Likud MK Yehuda Glick started giving out kisses to calm everyone down. MK Oren Hazan rejected the MKs advances making the above link the “Kalpi you have to actually click above” link of the week. Tangentially, BtS decided to not show up for the meeting despite an invite to do so. Turns out they don’t mind silence after all. Zing!
  • Congratulations to Mia Elitzur for winning the #KalpiKeepstakes! She will have an $18 dollar Amazon gift certificate delivered to her door by Ed McMahon himself. Or email. Email’s probably more sensible. Thanks to all of you who shared posts.


Totally precise and not arbitrary election date: February 6, 2018

Winner: Yesh Atid

Runner Up: Likud

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