Weekly Election Update:Stupid or Liar Edition

  • The most important electoral story remains the threat level of Member of Knesset and boat cruise crooner Yair Lapid. A new poll shows strong signs that he understands the electorate. Large majorities approve of his current non-response to the Bibi scandals and his call for MK Basel Ghattas to be impeached. It also shows signs that people are confused about positions that he has loudly and repeatedly taken with only 48% understanding that he is is in favor of a two state solution. Democracy!
  • One of my favorite games to play when considering politics is “Stupid or a Liar?” The newest episode of the game occurred this week as politicians argued as to whether the government presented the threats of Gazan tunnels before the war. Bennett and Lapid are claiming that the tunnels were not discussed by the security cabinet while Bibi and Moshe Ya’alon are claiming that they were and that the threat was taken seriously. Someone (Bennett) has been leaking parts of a report on the preparation before the war that suggest that the threat was ignored. Bibi has read protocols from meetings which show that they weren’t. The full report will be released soon and we will find out which people were being stupid and which were lying. Of course if they did know about the tunnels well before the war, but didn’t do anything about it is that better or worse (“Better or Worse” is also a fun game)?
  • According to some, a mass reduction in HaBayit Hayehudi membership may allow the party to present a challenge to the Likud in the next election. According to others, no one likes MK Bezalel Smotrich. Most likely, it has to do with no one wanting to pay membership dues during a non-election year.
  • Also helping Bennett is that the Likud stupidly organized a party party on International Holocaust Day. It is unlikely that this will have any major election ramifications, but as a general rule don’t make Survivors upset. Since I make fun of MK and 6 year old who had too much Sunny Delight Oren Hazan a lot, I should note that he chose to go to Poland instead of the celebration.
  • Speaking of moronic decisions regarding the Holocaust, Meretz MK Esawi Frij compared unquoted statements by Likud MK Miri Regev to Nazi slogans while speaking in the Knesset on International Holocaust Day. The statement caused a number of survivors to walk out followed by an awkward apology from Frij where he doubled down on his statement and later said that Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman wants to put Arab MKs on trial just like in Nuremberg. I didn’t think that I would have to repeat this, but as a general rule don’t make survivors upset. I’m thinking about starting a website to track all Hitler or Nazi comparisons. Of course, keeping track of statements in database IS EXACTLY WHAT HITLER WOULD HAVE DONE.
  • New news on the Bibiocalypse was sparse, but an entertaining Knesset session came to fill the gap. If you have 90 minutes then go ahead and watch, but in short…The Prime Minister came for an hour of questions and Knesset Speaker and guy who I once accosted for a job in the halls of the Knesset (story for another time) MK Yuli Edelstein interpreted the rules of the hour of questioning as forbidding questions about the investigation. It turns out that almost the entire opposition only wanted to talk about the scandals. Chaos ensued and Merav Michaeli (pictured above) was not impressed.



Totally precise and not arbitrary election date: February 6, 2018 (This will be moved up if I think Bibi will be convicted, but I have yet to see any clear evidence of real criminal activity)

Winner: Yesh Atid. Is the fact that people aren’t aware of Lapid’s position on the security situation good or bad for the party? I think its bad and suggests that as we get closer to elections and his every statement gets highlighted, support may leave him. However, as of now, he is doing a great job of playing the right political cards.

Runner Up: Likud. A Netanyahu indictment could be trouble for the party. No doubt, the central committee is discussing what to do in the case that he is taken down, but will Gilad Erdan be able to command the same amount of votes?

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