Weekly Election Update: Godfather Edition

  • Israeli polls are becoming broken records as they crown Yesh Atid. In a new Geocartography poll, YA received 27 seats to Likud’s 22. Other than that, the poll looked familiar save for a four seat jump by United Torah Judaism to 10 seats. Here come the chussidim (or perhaps the oversampling)! Significantly, 47% of Likud voters said that they were certainly voting Likud, while only 33.5% of Yesh Atid voters said that they were certain. Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Godfather Edition”

Just Who is Ruining Israeli Education?

In 1953, the Knesset passed the initial law establishing the goals for the education system. In it are such gems as “The goal of public education is to base education in the state on the values of…training in agricultural work and labor”. Things have changed a bit since then and the current law has been fleshed out with many amendments. Continue reading “Just Who is Ruining Israeli Education?”

Amazing Ways that Bank of Israel Decisions Affect You

We here at Kalpi attempt to provide you, our lovely readers and lovelier donors (one day), with a full picture of the key operators in Israeli politics. Aspects of the picture, such as Oren Hazan, are exciting! And depressing! Smiling helps to prevent the tears! Other aspects of the picture, such as the functions of the Bank of Israel, are even more exciting! Recently, the bank announced that they were holding a record amount of foreign currency reserves and I thought I’d provide a little explanation as to how that affects you. Continue reading “Amazing Ways that Bank of Israel Decisions Affect You”

Weekly Election Update: Cigars and Booze