Are Cotton Bags Worse for the Environment than Plastic?

Quite a hullabaloo occurred in our fair country with the enactment of a law that brings the price of a plastic bag to an almost unaffordable .10 NIS. While Jerusalem is struggling to find alternative street decorations, we at Kalpi thought that it would be interesting to go in depth on the world’s most interesting object, the plastic bag, and explain why governments around the world are turning on them. Let’s look at the numbers. Continue reading “Are Cotton Bags Worse for the Environment than Plastic?”

Weekly Election Update: Yehuda Glick Attempts to Kiss Oren Hazan

  • Another poll, another indication that the Israeli electorate is following the international political outsider trend. Yesh Atid “won” the poll with 27 mandates followed by the Likud with 23. HaBayit HaYehudi and the United Arab List got 12 and Yisrael Beitenu rounds out the double digit club with 10. Our more observant leaders may notice that a certain major party is not included among these groups. Luckily for current Labor leader Boogie Herzog, the Labor electorate seems to like to recycle former failed leaders so he should make a strong comeback in 2020. Strangely, a strong plurality of those polled prefer Netanyahu as Prime Minister, while Lapid finished in third after “None”. Bibi is like a jelly doughnut. You may have had enough of him, but the alternatives don’t always compare. Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Yehuda Glick Attempts to Kiss Oren Hazan”