Weekly Election Update: One more Year until Elections!

  • Public to Netanyahu, similar to “parent to 14 year old”: Yup, you’re right, they (the media, not that jerk Becky) may hate you, but responding on social media is not the answer. Even 39% of Likud members are not thrilled by how he responds to media criticism.
  • The vote on the Arrangement Law will not occur before 10:30 PM on Monday after a full day of debate. Discussion of the law was delayed so more time could be given to the hundreds of reservations that opposition MKs had regarding the bill. Some of the reservations included, this is not a joke, suggestions to change the name of the bill to “The folding of everyone and the Likud to HaBayit HaYehudi” Bill. Just a reminder that MKs receive a salary.
  • Even the right wing parties are struggling to defend the bill. Defense Minister Avigdor “Spunky” Lieberman said that the law was irresponsible as it has no chance of gaining the approval of the Supreme or the Attorney General. PM Netanyahu tried to stop the bill in its first reading, but couldn’t do so publicly because…leadership and politics! Education Minister Naftali Bennett also doesn’t really believe in the law (see previous  Kalpi posts on the bill). Basically, a small number of BY MKs have managed to push this bill along against everyone wishes. No matter your political opinions, that’s some good maneuvering in the short term. In the long term, its solidifying BY’s base within a particular minority population. Many Israelis don’t care about Amona and are split on the Arrangement Law.
  • Despite BY’s support for the bill, they are getting attacked for allowing the evacuation of Amona to happen. Bennett and Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked visited Ophra, another settlement that may be evacuated, and were verbally assaulted by a group of 40 youths.One comically yelled at the Education Minister “We don’t want matriculation exams!” This may be a sign of support for a party to BY’s right. It may also be a sign that these youths need more homework. Kalpi will monitor the situation as it develops.
  • The Labor primary picture became a little clearer as MK Shelly Yachimovitch confirmed that she will run to be the head of the Histadrut in MK Eitan Cabel’s party. In exchange, she will support Cabel in the event that he runs to be the head of the Labor party. With Yachimovitch’s support, Cabel, whose parents are from Yemen and who has experience in Labor and the Foreign Affairs and Defense Commitee, could be a major threat to the Likud. Unfortunately for Cabel, almost everything else is a threat to Labor.


Totally precise and not arbitrary election date: February 6, 2018 (No new Bibi news, the date stands…One more year ‘til our glorious day off!)

Winner: Likud. A whole week with no mention of Yesh Atid! Overall, probably a bad sign for them. Labor could also be resurgent after primaries, which they need to hold ASAP.

Runner Up: Yesh Atid. Yair Netanyahu made an appearance at the Likudia! Probably a good sign for Yesh Atid. If I was running YA, I would be looking for any way to get elections ASAP.

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