Weekly Election Update: The Report Looms as New Elections Aproach


  • This week, the State Comptroller report on Protective Edge will be released. The report’s contents could have significant consequences.
    • If it is revealed that Naftali Bennett pushed the Security Cabinet to address Hamas’ Big Dig, but was ignored, then Bennett gets a huge push.
    • Netanyahu wants a report that confirms that he weighed all options carefully and responded coolly to the tunnels.
    • Ditto to Moshe Ya’alon. Yair Lapid also wants Ya’alon to look good in case the former Defense Minister decides to join the party. Lapid needs either Gabi Ashkenazi (who was sullied by a previous scandal) or Ya’alon in the party for a credible defense minister candidate. Of course, Lapid has taken Bennet’s side regarding the cabinet’s discussions of the situation, which makes his pursuit of Ya’alon seem strange.
    • According to reports, both Bibi and Ya’alon look terrible in the document. Therefore, anonymous sources have already been sent out to attack the report’s credibility. The fact that such conflicting accounts of discussions in the Security Cabinet have emerged soon after the actual discussions would be surprising if not for the fact that when two of your friends break up, they have different accounts of events the day after it occurs.
  • The State Comptroller is looking into whether Yisrael HaYom serves as political propaganda for Bibi. This presents another possible way that Bibi could get into serious trouble and fundamentally change the face of Israeli politics. No one is talking about the real victim here, Barack Obama, who would probably fall into a deep depression if Bibi leaves right after the end of Obama’s presidential term. Allow me to propose a TV show where the two debate different topics while making no effort to hide their disgust for each other.
  • Fantastic data on MK expenses in the last year. Kalpi favorites include David Bitan’s 8,548 NIS on junk food for meetings and the office, Boogie Herzog’s 20,768 NIS on what is turning out to be highly effective professional consulting and Bibi’s 318 NIS for internet (thanks, millionaire!).
  • Tension is rising between HaBayit HaYehudi and the Likud over the lack of support for each other’s legislation. Coalition Chairman and junk food enthusiast MK David Bitan even demanded that Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked fire one of her employees for treating him rudely and hanging up on him. Within the government, BY stands to gain the most from new elections and could be even more incentivized if the State Comptroller’s report on Protective Edge support’s Bennet’s account.
  • Apparently, posting a false resignation letter from the Prime Minister may be legally sketchy. Way to move us all forward MK Yoel Hasson.
  • The Knesset held a discussion about transportation infrastructure and the amount of car accidents, which have risen. It is almost as if telling people to not check their blind spot and having a testing system with no standards leads to people not knowing how to drive.


Totally precise and not arbitrary election date: February 6, 2018 (HaBayit HaYehudi will be the ones to collapse the coalition around the totally precise and not arbitrary date of August or September)

Winner: Likud

Runner Up: Yesh Atid (Lapid could get a boost from the report depending on what it says)

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Election Update: The Report Looms as New Elections Aproach”

    1. א גרויסען ש ‘כח! איך האָפֿן צו קומען צוריק צו עס איין טאָג. ווי האָט איר געפֿינען עס?


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