Weekly Election Update: Other/none on the verge of sweeping the polls

The Knesset celebrated its birthday and Bibi was having a blast in America so not much happened here, but a few interesting points anyways

Israel’s Federalist Struggle

Israel has its own version of the American federalist debate. However, instead of states, Israel has highly autonomous cities. Sometimes, this leads to unbridled corruption (Hi, Mr. Olmert!), but usually it answers the issues caused by Israeli cities so diverse that they feel like different states (Hi, Mr. Aviv!). Continue reading “Israel’s Federalist Struggle”

How many Teachers is One Plane Worth?

If you could start a country from scratch, in a somewhat hostile region, how would you structure its budget to attract the most people? Also, what would you name it? I would go with Not Sudan.

Recently, Moody’s, one of the foremost credit rating agencies in the world, affirmed Israel’s status as a stable and successful country. They clearly have never tried to send a package through the mail to the country. The report complimented Israel’s economic and institutional strength and the government’s fiscal policies. However, the agency also mentioned that Israel’s high defense expenditures keeps it from receiving the highest rating. Continue reading “How many Teachers is One Plane Worth?”

Weekly Election Update: Chuck Norris Counts to Infinity Twice

  • Yair Lapid had a good week as he smells the possibility of the premiership. First, with regards to Bibi-gates, he announced that after he became a politician he stopped accepting gifts. However, some would argue that Yitzhak Herzog’s unfailing determination to destroy the Labor party would count as the greatest present he has ever received. Lapid also announced that he is in negotiations with Gabi Ashkenazi and Moshe Ya’alon to join Yesh Atid. If either joins, YA would gain a security specialist that every party must have in order to be considered seriously. Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Chuck Norris Counts to Infinity Twice”