Read and you are Guaranteed (to know more about) Employment!!!

The key to Kalpi’s success, besides a vigorous yearly workout, is unemployment. It gives us the time to pursue our dreams without any of the burdens created by money. However, in most of the world, unemployment is viewed as a negative indicator. That said, few understand how to read unemployment figures and what, if anything, governments can do to prevent it. So let’s look at the numbers (and maybe find me a job). Continue reading “Read and you are Guaranteed (to know more about) Employment!!!”

Weekly Election Update: Despite the Noise, Nothing has Changed


(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): The End of a Session

Every week the Knesset passes laws that affect our lives…or someone’s life. This week was the end of the session, so a ton were passed that we will be listing over the next few weeks. Thanks for reading Kalpiblog during the Knesset’s winter session and be sure that just because the MKs are taking a break doesn’t mean that we are. Continue reading “(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): The End of a Session”

Weekly Election Update: Elections on the Horizon or just some Trouble in Paradise?

  • Well that was certainly a week! Before we go into the testosterone fueled tug of war that occurred over an issue that no one cares about, let’s get some polling context thanks to the great Knesset Jeremy poll compiler machine. If we average the results of 3 recent polls, Likud and Yesh Atid are in a virtual tie of about 24. The United Arab List is consistent with 13, with Bayit Yehudi at 12 (up from 8). The Zionist Union is at 10-11, a drop of 13-14, the same number that Yesh Atid gained. The ultra-Orthodox parties, Yisrael Beitenu, Kulanu and Meretz are all around 6-7, while Moshe Ya’alon’s new party has gotten 6, 4 and 0 in different polls.

Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Elections on the Horizon or just some Trouble in Paradise?”