(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Conductors must now Learn about Trains

Many complain that the government does nothing, but in fact many new laws are passed every week. This week we continue to list the laws that were passed at the end of the last session. Thanks for reading Kalpiblog during the Knesset’s winter session and be sure that just because the MKs are taking a break doesn’t mean that we are.

Party Funding Law – Yoav Kish, Na’ava Boker, Amir Ohaina, David Bitan – We wrote about this law, also known as the V15 law, in the past. It makes it harder for political organizations to avoid campaign finance laws. Somehow this law passed and it seems like our democracy is not collapsing.

Sales Law – Government Bill – The bill provides a number of protections for people who purchase apartments in light of the information gap between a builder and a buyer. The builder will now have to provide more comprehensive information on building details, will be less free to make changes or price hikes to plans after a deal is signed and will not be able to set prices before receiving building permits amongst other hands.

Train Conductor Law – Government Bill – The law creates criteria for receiving a license to drive a train. It is somewhat troubling that many of these did not already exist, such as training in emergency situations and gaining familiarity on the Israeli railway system and train technology.

Right to work while Sitting Law – Oren Hazan, Yulia Malinovsky, Robert Ilatov, Hamad Amar, Oded Forer, Eli Elalouf, Itzik Shmuli Yisrael Eichler, Dov Khenin, Yosi Yona, Eitan Cabel – The law creates minimum work conditions for private sector security. It guarantees them a place to sit, heat or cooling in the appropriate seasons and a nearby electrical outlet.

Parking for the Disabled Law – Karin ElHarrar, Micki Rosenthal, Ofer Shelah, Dov Khenin and Itzik Shmuli – The law will create parking spaces for the disabled in loading and unloading areas during the down times for those areas.

Payment to Victims of Terror Law – Chaim Yelin, David Bitan, Yossi Yona, Moshe Gafni – The law allows Israelis affected by acts of terror outside of Israel to receive payments from the state.

Insurance Contract Law – Many MKs – If an insurance company accidently delays payment, the company will now have to pay a higher rate of interest on the money owed.

Copyright Law – MKs from Shas, Likud, Kulanu and Yesh Atid – The law strengthens copyright laws for recording artists.

Wingate Institute Law – Government Bill – Gives the Wingate Institute for Sports Excellence an official legal standing.

Appeal Rights for Medical License Application Law – Oded Forer, Orly Levi-Abukasis, Hamad Amar, Robert Ilatov, Merav Ben-Ari, Yael German, Eitan Beroshi, Miki Levi, Aliza Lavi, Yossi Yonah, Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Nachman Shai, Avraham Negosa, Elazar Stern, Eli Elaluf, Betzalael Smotrich, Ahmad Tibi, Osama Sa’adi – Stipulates that requests for a medical license must be answered within 30 days and appeal committees must be set up to receive appeals of those decisions. The law is a wonderful example of bi-partisan work in the Knesset.




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