(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): It’s a slightly better time to be a lady

Hey friends! We’ll be back soon with more hilarious political, economic and legislative analyses (and hopefully some new surprises). In the meantime here are short summaries of more bills that were passed at the end of the last session.

Changes to Parental Leave Bill – Rachel Azria, Dov Khenin, Ayman Odeh, Aida Touma-Suleiman, Yousef Jabareen, Abdullah Abu-Ma’aruf, Uri Maklev, Moshe Gafni – Kulanu, United Arab List, United Torah Judaism – We wrote about this bill in the past, but there’s been some changes since then. Paid maternity leave will be extended to 15 weeks if you have given birth since January 1, 2017. New fathers will be able to take up to a week of leave after the birth. In addition, fathers can take a week or more of the mother’s paid leave, as opposed to the current arrangement which makes them take at least 3 weeks of leave if they exercise this right. The bill no longer includes subsidized daycare, which was put in a separate bill in order to pass this one as quickly as possible.

Women Labor Rights Bill – Yakov Asher, Moshe Gafni, Uri Maklev – United Torah Judaism (Bet ya didn’t see that coming!)- The bill makes it so that new mothers who work at least 174 hours a month can take one hour off of work a day. Previously, the law did not clearly define “full-time working”.

Municipal Renewal Bill – Government Bill – Residents of older Israeli apartment buildings can agree to processes where the building is knocked down and a new one is built in its place. The government provides incentive for developers to enter into these deals in order to make buildings in Israel safer while the apartment owners receive upgraded apartments for the cost of making their property unusable for the term of the building. This law allows for apartment owners to work with different contractors if the original ones with whom they signed an agreement delay the process beyond a certain set time period.

Money Laundering Prohibition Bill – Government Bill – Fixes a technical issue with an existing law that allows for loopholes regarding money laundering…I’m not sure if this should instill confidence that they caught the mistake or if we should be concerned that the original law did not number its articles correctly.

Dog Regulation Bill – Nurit Cohen, Sharren Haskel, Yoel Hasson, Yosi Yona, Tamar Zandberg, Michal Rozin, Avraham Nagosa, Amir Ohana, Hamad Amar, David Bitan, Orli Levy-Abukasis, Yael German, Roy Folkman – Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Yesh Atid, Kulanu – 4.5 million NIS a year will now be dedicated to curbing stray dogs.

Knesset Channel Broadcast Bill – Committee Bill – The bill allows for general news to be broadcasted on the Knesset Channel. It won’t change much, so let’s talk over here on camera 1…Lovelies, watching the Knesset Channel can actually be fun. I promise. There are the wacky parliamentary sessions, the montages of funny things that have happened and more. I also have a proposal for a reality show on the channel that would feature rookie parliamentarians. Best case scenario, two of them hook up and we have Israel’s most popular show on our hands. That’s all.

Planning and Building Bill – Government – Local planning and building committees can now demand indemnification letters before approval for projects is given. These letters are agreements for damages paid if provisions of contracts aren’t met.

State Comptroller Bill – David Bitan – Likud – Creates a pathway for those who work within the State Comptroller’s office to bring complaints of major violations occurring within the office.

Limitations on the Return of a Sexual Offenders to the Vicinity of their Victim – Yael German, Chaim Yelin, Aliza Lavie, Micki Levy, Karin ElHarrar, Yoel Razvozov, Ya’akov Peri, Esawi Frij, Michal Rozin, Merav Ben-Ari, Oded Forer, Uri Maklev, Yehiel Hilik-Bar, Dov Khenin, Osama Sa’adi, Abdulla Abu Ma’aruf, Stav Shafir, Ilan Gilon, Eli Elalouf, Yifat Shasha Biton, Yossi Yonah, Tamar Zandberg, Tali Ploskov – Updates an existing law to prevent sexual offenders from studying at an institution near their victim’s person, place of work or residence.

Sde Dov Bill – Whole bunches of MKs – Sde Dov will continue to operate as a civilian airport.

Status of the World Zionist Congress and the Jewish Agency Bill – Nachman Shai, David Bitan – Zionist Union, Likud – Allows the government to work with the WZC and the JA on certain issues without publishing tenders.


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