(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Non-Profits and Pharmacies

The Knesset is back in session and bills are being passed. Here is what entered into law last week. Be sure to check out the updated database that is keeping track of bills passed during this Knesset.

  • Pharmacist Regulation Law – 15/5/2017 – Eli Elalouf (Kulanu) – Amends this law to allow pharmacists with 2 years of experience who hold MAs or PhDs in pharmacology to skip a 60 hour training course in order to give prescriptions. The course covers issues they would have already learned in school.
  • Non-Profit Organization Law – 15/5/2017 – Government Bill – Allows for the online submission of documents related to the founding of a non-profit.
  • Six Day War and a Liberated and Unified Jerusalem Heritage Center on Ammunition Hill Law – 17/5/2017 – Government Bill – Will expand the activities of the existing site on Ammunition Hill commemorating the Six Day War. It will transfer the responsibilities of doing so from the NGO currently doing so to the government.

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