Weekly Election Update: Stupid Controversies Abound

  • A new, fantastically ridiculous controversy has hit the coalition. 14,000 new apartments were approved for the Palestinian city of Qalqilya. Ministers in the coalition are accusing Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman of giving approval for these buildings without a vote. That would be quite the scandal if the plan wasn’t approved by vote last September in the Security Cabinet. The ministers are claiming that Lieberman never explicitly explained the plans that were voted on in order to pass the plan. Prime Minister Netanyahu is claiming that he has no recollection of voting on the plan and that he intends to halt building until it is brought up once again. On the other hand, his office said that the plan was approved in the security cabinet…What a country! Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Stupid Controversies Abound”

(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Cheaper Daycare(?) and an End to Draconian Press Laws

Many are cynical about the Knesset’s work, but few look at all the bills that they pass. Be one of the few, the proud, the Kalpi. Also make sure to check out the updated database to see all the bills passed from the last few months ranked in a completely non arbitrary manner. Without further ado…

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Is my Bone Supposed to Look like that? What’s the number for an Ambulance again?

Hi all! Thanks to many different things (most of them exciting! Some of them being a very boring Knesset session), we’ve been unable to write as much. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening (double negatives!). This week, the preliminary version of a bill was passed that would take the myriad emergency numbers that operate in Israel (100-police, 101-ambulance, 102-fire and of course 103-electric company, which causes most of Israel’s disasters) and make them into one central number. This law is important because I had to look up those numbers for this post and in an event of emergency, I would be useless. The law was proposed by Rabbi (Dr.?) Moshe Gafni.

Weekly Election Update: Labor Debate Diary Edition

Normal people didn’t watch the Labor leadership debate, instead opting to view the two minutes of highlights. I am not normal. If you want to watch here’s a link.

Cast of Characters:

The Front Runners:

Incumbent Isaac “40 degree day” Herzog, Former Labor Head Amir “Remember Me?” Peretz, Former Minister in the Current Government Avi “Trojan Horse” Gabai

The Others:

MK Erel “Erel Margalit” Margalit, MK Omer “I’m here too” Bar-Lev, and Mr. Security Amiram Levin
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