(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Cheaper Daycare(?) and an End to Draconian Press Laws

Many are cynical about the Knesset’s work, but few look at all the bills that they pass. Be one of the few, the proud, the Kalpi. Also make sure to check out the updated database to see all the bills passed from the last few months ranked in a completely non arbitrary manner. Without further ado…

Oversight of Public Daycare Prices – 29/5/2017 – Yifat Sasha Biton, Tali Ploskov, Na’ava Boker, Meir Cohen, Dov Khenin, Yitzchak Vaknin, Eli Elalouf, Michal Rozin, David Amsalem, Osama Sa’adi, Machlouf Miki Zohar, Merav Ben-Ari, Yehuda Glick, David Bitan, Avraham Negosa, Karin Elharrar, Yoel Hasson, Nurit Koren, Uri Maklev, Abd-alHakim Hajj Yihya, Shuli Moalem Refaeli, Aliza Lavie, Robert Ilatov, Revital Sweid, Anat Barko, the infamous Oren Hazan, Ikhram Hasson, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Yossi Yona, Itzik Shmuli – The law puts in a number of methods to limit daycare prices. It sets up a government committee to deal with the issue. It allows the Minister of Interior to set the maximum price for public daycares along with the services that must be offered. Daycares which violate the directives will be fined 50,000 NIS. The law is notable because it makes summer daycares being run in public buildings more affordable, though it also reduces the amount of money that local governments can make on daycare.

Media Law – 29/5/2017 – Nachman Shai, Anat Barko, Oded Forer, Kasina Svetlova, Yitzhak Vaknin, Aliza Lavi, Nurit Koren, David Amsalem, Tali Ploskov, Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Eitan Broshi, Eitan Cabel, Manuel Trachtenburgh, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Yoel Hasson, Micky Levy, Omer Barlev, Haim Yelin, Esawi Frij, Merav Michaeli, Ayal Ben-Reuven, Sharon Haskel – Allows for non-Hebrew news to be broadcast on Israeli television without a special authorization for channels that are already authorized to broadcast. Bet you didn’t know that couldn’t be done ‘til now.

Cancellation of Press Ordinance –29/5/2017- Government Bill – The bill cancels a number of ordinances having to do with newspapers that date back to the 30s. The ordinances include needing a license to start a newspaper, needing to have graduated high school to get a license and allowing the Minister of the Interior to halt the publishing of any paper. Congratulations to MK Yair Lapid who can now receive a license to start a newspaper.

Regional Council Law – 29/5/2017 – Government Bill – Moves elections for regional councils to the same time as elections for municipalities and local councils.

Prohibition on Discrimination in Goods, Services and Entrance to Places of Entertainment and Public Spaces Law – 5/6/2017 – Robert Ilatov, Yakov Margi, Orly Levi-Abukasis – Prevents people not granting access to those wearing uniforms of the security arms or rescue arms of the state to public services or public places.

Cleanliness Ordinance  – 12/6/2017 – Government Bill – Extends an ordinance that collects fines from municipalities for using landfills. It also adds more cities eligible to receive those fines to use on helping to clean up garbage.

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