(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Government Eavesdropping and the Opening of the Credit Industry

More bills! Over the next few days we will continue putting up bills passed at the end of the last session in preparation for the start of the new session. Stay tuned for more politics and economics posts coming soon! 

Eavesdropping Law – 24/7/2017 – Government Bill – Creates more regulations regarding eavesdropping including what can be eavesdropped on and who can be subjected to eavesdropping. In addition, people applying for jobs that may be subjected to eavesdropping must be informed of that fact in writing.

Financial Oversight Bill – 24/7/2017 – Government Bill – This bill revolutionizes the credit industry by opening the non-bank credit market. It’s creators hope to encourage websites where lenders and borrowers can match up and thereby lower the cost of loans. It could revolutionize how banking is done in the country by giving people places to put their money where they can receive more than the interest offered by banks.

Joint Investment Trust Law – 24/7/2017- Government Bill – You should really consult your accountant on this one, but simply, this regulates the “Teudot Sal” market. These act like private bonds with a greater risk of non-payment at the end of the term.

National Insurance Institute Law – 24/7/2017 – Moshe Gafni, Uri Maklev, Yakov Asher, Eli Elalouf, Oded Forer, Itzik Shmuli, Ilan Gilaon, Meir Cogen, Betzalel Smotrich, Yigal Gouta, Ahmad Tibi, David Bitan – Expands the definition of a child to anyone continuing their studies while before it was limited to the age of 20 with regards to work accident insurance. It also expands the definition of child in terms of other payments and the definition of a widower.

Public Health Protection Law – 24/7/2017 – Elie Elalouf (Kulanu)- Clarifies how often meat must be checked before going out to market and eliminates costs for meat checking on meat that is being exported.

Retirement Age Law – 24/7/2017 – Orly Levi Abukasis, Merav Michaeli, Moshe Gafni, Sharren Haskel, Zehava Galon, Eitan Beroshi, Yitzhak Vaknin, Micky Rosenthal, Oded Forer, Betzalel Smotrich, David Bitan, Micky Levy, Manuel Trachtenberg, Roy Folkman, Rachel Azaria, Ahmad Tibi, Micky Zohar – Makes it so that the National Insurance Institute must follow government decisions on retirement age. It also makes it so that the retirement age can only raise with a government decision.

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