(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Supermarket Scams and Building Deregulation


Here we go! The Knesset’s about to go back in session meaning that we’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled irreverence. In the meantime, here are the final laws passed during the summer session. As always, make sure to give us a like on Facebook and check out the database of laws passed by this Knesset.

Consumer Protection Law – 26/7/2017 – Eitan Cabel, Dov Khenin, Esawi Frij, Itzik Shmuli, Manueal Trajtenberg, Toel Hasson, Nachman Shai – This amendment creates regulations for consumer clubs. Amongst other things it requires businesses offering consumer club rewards to give notification to customers if the program is going to be cancelled or changed at least 3 months before hand.

Child Council Law – 26/7/2017 – Manuel Trajtenberg, Eli Elalouf, Orly Levy-Abukasis, Yakov Margi, Yifat Shasha Biton, David Amsalem – Establishes a special council for children aged 0-5. The council will be responsible for creating multiyear plans for the age group, for coordinating between different ministries on matters related to the age, for coordinating between local and national authorities regarding disabled children and setting standards for those who work with the age amongst other things.

Planning and Building Law – 26/7/2017 – Roy Folkman – Makes it easier to split an existing home (not an apartment in a building) into two “apartments”. The new “apartment” will not be required to have a bomb shelter and local councils will be expected to more frequently distribute approvals of these plans. The second “apartment” can only be rented out and not sold.

Promotion of Building in Preferred Areas Ordinance – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – The goal of this law is to reduce regulation during the planning process of apartment building. It lays out the criteria for housing complexes that can apply for speedy approval under the “Vatmal Law”. The Vatmal law states that the complex must be planned for public land and that there must be 750 housing units. This ordinance also allows for complexes built on private land to be rushed as long as it is a demolish and clear plan that will build over 500 units or if it is a new plan for land owned by a number of entities. At least 15% of the units built must be affordable.

Daycare Operation Oversight – 26/7/2017 – Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Yifat Shasha Biton, Yakov Margi, Yulia Melinovski, Karin Elharrar, Aliza Lavi, Tali Ploskov, Merav Ben Ari, Naava Boker, Robert Ilatov, Oded Forer, Yehuda Glick, Taakov Peri, David Bitan, Yossi Yona, Mordhay Yogev, Itzik Shmuli, Eli Elalouf, Eitan Cabel, Nissan Slomiansky, Yoav Kish, Nachman Shai, Revital Sweid, Dov Khenin, Haim Yelin, Mickey Levi, Ofer Shelah, Yael German, Tamar Zandberg, Michal Rozin, Kasania Svetlova – The law allows the Minister of Education to create conditions for opening up a day care and to decide the services that must be offered by a daycare. It creates employment conditions for employees (no pedophiles or other criminals…good idea!) and nutrition standards (only licensed suppliers and more transparency). Furthermore, it sets a maximum price for daycares. A special position will be created to oversee the implementation of the law.

Regulating non-Bank Loans Law– 26/7/2017 – Government Bill –The law regulates the credit industry. It caps yearly credit at 15% interest (20% for monthly). The cap is meant to limit banking credit and open up the non-banking credit to the possibility of taking more interest than their previous limit of 8%. Bodies that take more than 30% will be under the jurisdiction of money laundering authorities. The law also allows for an overseer to recommend other regulations for banks if the average loan rises in the next few years. It also requires contracts for loans to be given to all parties well ahead of time.

Police Order Amendment – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – Allows the police to use polygraph tests to examine some job candidates.

Designs Law – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – The law establishes copyright laws for designs made by Israeli artists. It grants a 25 year monopoly to patented designs and 3 years for unlicensed designs. The law also brings Israel in line with an international agreement that will allow Israeli artists to apply for global patents. Finally, the law grants courts the abilities to award compensation without proof of damages among other things.

The Authority for the Fight against Violence, Drugs and Alcohol Law – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – This bill arranges coordination between three government different bodies that work in the fields of violence drugs and alcohol.

Sate Market Regulations Law – 26//7/2017 – David Amsalem –  Creates standard rounding regulations for centimeters when measuring in meters for Arnona. .5 and under rounds down and .51 and over rounds up. This law was created after a supreme court case which resulted in the state having to re-measure an apartment for 2000 NIS to check whether a resident should save 30 NIS.

Victory Day Over Nazi Germany Law – 26/7/2017 – Oded Forer, Tali Ploskov, Robert Ilatov, Yulia Melonovski – Makes May 9th the celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany. This will include a number of official celebrations in the Knesset and around the country.

Benjamin Zeev Herzl Law – 26/7/2017 – David Bitan, Tali Ploskov, Tifat Shasha Biton, Yoav Kish, Sharren Haskel – Enshrines in law that the state should spend state money to support events and exhibits run by the WZO.

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