(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s)

(Updated: On November 9th with bills passed through October 30th 2017)

Below are a collection of bills passed by the 20th Knesset beginning from halfway through the 2016-2017 winter session. They are ranked using a very carefully thought out Arbitrary System of Awesomeness (ASA). Please note that the ASA in no way takes the content of the bill into consideration. The ASA may not reflect the views of Kalpiblog.

  1. Biometric Database Law – Government Bill – We wrote about the first reading of the law in the past. Some say this will make the government more efficient and identity fraud harder to achieve, while others believe this is the sign of the devil’s imminent arrival. There will be a chip with a picture and a finger print sample in ID documents. In addition a national database will be kept of pictures for the sake of comparison when verifying documents. Someone can also opt to include their fingerprints in that database. If they do so, the documents will be updated every 10 years. Without the fingerprints it will be every 5 (because faces change quicker than fingerprints). After a protest from Yisrael Beitenu, the police will only be able to use the database with a warrant from the district court. Additional changes will be made by July 3rd 2017 after further observation of the program.
  2. Water Bill – Government Bill – Cheaper water! Starting in April! It’s a really long bill so here’s an article.
  3. Bill to Forbid Discriminatory Practices – Shuli Moalem Refaeli – HaBayit HaYehudi (Eitan Cabel (Labor) argued for the bill in the Knesset…Teamwork!) – The bill forbids any public organization or anyone using public spaces to deny service based on where a customer lives. Businesses must also clarify to which locations they refuse service and if they don’t they are obligated to serve the customer wherever.
  4. Changes to Parental Leave Bill – Rachel Azria, Dov Khenin, Ayman Odeh, Aida Touma-Suleiman, Yousef Jabareen, Abdullah Abu-Ma’aruf, Uri Maklev, Moshe Gafni – Kulanu, United Arab List, United Torah Judaism – We wrote about this bill in the past, but there’s been some changes since then. Paid maternity leave will be extended to 15 weeks if you have given birth since January 1, 2017. New fathers will be able to take up to a week of leave after the birth. In addition, fathers can take a week or more of the mother’s paid leave, as opposed to the current arrangement which makes them take at least 3 weeks of leave if they exercise this right. The bill no longer includes subsidized daycare, which was put in a separate bill in order to pass this one as quickly as possible.
  5. Income Tax Ordinance – Government Bill – 10/5/2017 – Changes tax credit rates for children until Dec. 31 2018. We wrote all about this one.
  6. Amendment to the Law to Prevent Domestic Violence – Zahava Galon, Nurit Cohen, Revital Sweid, Shuli Moalem Refaeli (Teamwork!) –  An amendment to this law. If the police receive a complaint that someone has violated their restraining order and decide not to arrest the alleged violator, the presiding officer must give the reason in writing.
  7. Amending Basic Law: The Knesset – Members of Yisrael Beitenu (and Orly Levy-Abekasis, former member of YB) – We wrote about this one in the past. It makes expressions that incite racism or support the enemies of the state grounds for impeachment from the Knesset.
  8. Renting and Borrowing Bill – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – We wrote about this bill here for Kalpi and here for Jerusalem Construction News. More rights for those renting apartments in the country.
  9. Party Funding Law – Yoav Kish, Na’ava Boker, Amir Ohaina, David Bitan – We wrote about this law, also known as the V15 law, in the past. It makes it harder for political organizations to avoid campaign finance laws. Somehow this law passed and it seems like our democracy is not collapsing.
  10. Securities Law (amendments No. 61, 62, 63) –Government Bill – These bills do a number of things including opening up the Israeli stock market to foreign companies, regulations for the stock exchange clearing house and defining how the markets directors will operate. This is in response to the Israeli stock market which is generally considered sluggish. If you want to know what a clearing house is, then head on over to Wikipedia. However, if you don’t already know what it is there’s a low probability of you making it past the first few sentences. It’s a lot less fun than the Publishers Clearing House.
  11. Galilee Bill – Just a ton of MKs getting on the farm train – The first version of this bill was a pleasant one sentence that extended subsidies to chicken farmers for another 10 years. The bill that was passed is much longer and includes a full colored map. It grants a number of benefits and subsidies for the Galilee region to encourage its development in every way.
  12. Consumer Protection Bill – Ya’akov Asher, Moshe Gafni, Uri Maklev – UTJ – The law requires big markets that sell goods by weight to provide a scale for customers to weigh the goods before checking out. This will hopefully speed up checkout lines filled with people who bring a bag of apples to a cash register and then ask the store employee to remove the apples one by one until the desired price appeared. I hate these people.
  13. VAT Law – Government Bill- Individuals making more than 2.5 million NIS and businesses making more than 1.5 million NIS will have more time to report stuff. If this law applies to you then please consider donating to Kalpi.
  14. Minimum Wage Law – 30/10/2017 – Government Bill – The law raises the minimum wage to 5,300 NIS a month.
  15. National Insurance Institute Bill – Tamar Zandberg – Meretz – Extends birthing grants to home births under certain conditions. Great for a country where some people give birth in hospital hallways. My wife points out that cheaper water prices will also help the home birth industry.
  16. Sales Law – Government Bill – The bill provides a number of protections for people who purchase apartments in light of the information gap between a builder and a buyer. The builder will now have to provide more comprehensive information on building details, will be less free to make changes or price hikes to plans after a deal is signed and will not be able to set prices before receiving building permits amongst other hands.
  17. Law to Make Oversight and Enforcement in Municipalities and Local Authorities More Efficient – 3/7/2017 – Government Bill – The bill allows for municipal overseers to give tickets to electric scooters and bikes in the same way that they can do now to bigger motor vehicles. Since one of the reasons I started Kalpi was to destroy the electric bike, I am in favor.
  18. Municipal Renewal Bill – Government Bill – Residents of older Israeli apartment buildings can agree to processes where the building is knocked down and a new one is built in its place. The government provides incentive for developers to enter into these deals in order to make buildings in Israel safer while the apartment owners receive upgraded apartments for the cost of making their property unusable for the term of the building. This law allows for apartment owners to work with different contractors if the original ones with whom they signed an agreement delay the process beyond a certain set time period.
  19. Election Amendment – Committee Bill – Not much to see here. Some regulations regarding the counsels that oversee elections and how they may investigate strange occurrences. It is these kind of laws that you hope are never necessary, but are really the backbone of democracy.
  20. Planning and Building Bill – Government Bill – The bill increases punishments stemming from planning and building violations as well as increasing the tools that the government has to remove illegal buildings and those buildings that are being used illegally.
  21. Financial Oversight Bill – 24/7/2017 – Government Bill – This bill revolutionizes the credit industry by opening the non-bank credit market. It’s creators hope to encourage websites where lenders and borrowers can match up and thereby lower the cost of loans. It could revolutionize how banking is done in the country by giving people places to put their money where they can receive more than the interest offered by banks.
  22. Cleanliness Ordinance  – 12/6/2017 – Government Bill – Extends an ordinance that collects fines from municipalities for using landfills. It also adds more cities eligible to receive those fines to use on helping to clean up garbage.
  23. Tax Benefits and Consultation Law – 24/7/2017 –Moshe Gafni, Eyal Ben Reuven, Uri  Maklev, Micky Rosenthal, Zehava Galon, Yitzhak Vaknin, Oded Forer, Micky Levy, Eitan Broshi –  Extends temporary tax benefits to the periphery and poorer towns.
  24. Assistance to Sderot and the Towns of the Western Negev Law – 24/7/2017 – Moshe Gafni, Hiam Yelin, Yitzhak Vaknin, Oded Forer, Micky Rosenthal, Micky Levi, Eitan Broshi, David Bitan, Bezalel Smotrich, Micky Zohar, Manuel Trajtenberg   – The main thing that this law does is to provide a 20% tax break for people who live in the Western Negev community (up to an income of 241,080 NIS.
  25. Rabbinical Courts Bill – Shuli Moalem-Refaeli – HaBayit HaYehudi – The law strengthens punitive measures that can be taken against men who refuse to grant their wife a bill of divorce. This includes denying them food in jail of a higher level of kashrut, to participate in study activities within jail and to stay in a section of the jail meant for observant Jews. They will also have to where prison clothes at all times, even in public places on furloughs.
  26. Welfare Services Law – 26/6/2017 – Zehava Galon, Merav Ben-Ari, Shelly Yachimovitvh, Nurit Koren, Shuli Moalem Refaeli, Tamar Zandberg, Michal Rozin, Aida Tuma Soloman – The law prepares a grant for women leaving a battered women’s shelter. The grant includes a social worker, help in exercising their rights and help in finding a place to work. In addition, it provides temporary living spaces for women leaving the shelters and their children. In order to be eligible for the grant a women will have to have been in the shelter for 60 days. For the apartment she will have had to spend 6 months in the shelter. During the debate regarding the law, it was mentioned that currently, the welfare budget only makes room for up to two children for women in this situation.
  27. Income Insurance Bill – Zehava Galon, Aliza Lavie, Orly Levy-Abukasis, Dov Khenin, Micky Levi, Karin Elharrar – Meretz, Yesh Atid, Yisrael Beitenu, UAL – The law changes a condition for women receiving a grant at battered women’s shelters. Previously, they would start receiving the grant if they qualified for it the previous month, now that requirement has been cancelled.
  28. Securities Bill – 23/10/17 – Government Bill – Binary Options are essentially a gambling game disguised as an investment. While the Knesset dealt with the problem in 2016, banning options in Israel, Israeli companies were still able to sell options abroad. This law takes care of the industry completely and bans the practice. MK Rachel Azaria mentioned that Israel received many petitions from foreign bodies complaining of the problems their citizens were having with the options. For more read the Times of Israel’s excellent reporting on the matter.
  29. Citizenship Law Amendment – Government Bill – The law makes minor adjustments to how citizenship can be revoked for various reasons.
  30. Authorities in Preventing the Crimes Committed on Websites Law – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – This is a fascinating law. It allows courts to shut down sites involved in crimes such as drug distribution, pedophilia and terrorism. Courts can also order search engines to not include websites in their search results and can ask that sites that archive other websites to delete the illegal websites. What do you think?
  31. Negev Development Authority Law – 30/10/2017 – Betzalel Smotrich, Yitzchak Vaknin, Robert Ilatov, Mickey Zohar, Mordhay Yogev, Oren Hazan, David Amsalem, Nurit Koren, Eli Elalouf, Nissan Slomiansky, Yoav Kish, Yoav Bentsur, Yakov Peri, Aliza Lavie, Nava Boker, Yoel Hasson – The law addresses the status independent farms in the Negev. It changes what the committee in charge can consider when discussing whether to grant a license such as removing the necessity that those applying for the license have a full plan for the land upon the initial application. It also allows them to consider the tourism potential of the land in question and provides a two year time limit for the committee to make its recommendation. The goal of these moves is to create a legal framework for “pirate” farms. UAL MK Abd al Hakim Hajj Yihya suggested that the law was intended to retroactively legalize Jewish farms in the Negev, but not Arab farms.
  32. Amendment to the Israel Lands Authority Law – Government Law – The law requires that the overseeing body of the Israel Lands Authority have a member of the Arab, Druze or Circassian communities on it. During the debate, MK Ahamad Tibi mentioned his desire for an Arab on the counsel to be one that the “Arab public accepts” and not a government representative, because the only good Arab is one that Ahmad Tibi agrees with.
  33. Regulating non-Bank Loans Law– 26/7/2017 – Government Bill –The law regulates the credit industry. It caps yearly credit at 15% interest (20% for monthly). The cap is meant to limit banking credit and open up the non-banking credit to the possibility of taking more interest than their previous limit of 8%. Bodies that take more than 30% will be under the jurisdiction of money laundering authorities. The law also allows for an overseer to recommend other regulations for banks if the average loan rises in the next few years. It also requires contracts for loans to be given to all parties well ahead of time. 
  34. Absorbing Discharged Soldiers Law – 3/7/2017 – Government Bill – The bill takes a number of steps to improve the status of discharged soldiers. It adds representatives for soldiers in reserves and the civil service to the Discharged Soldier Absorption Fund. It allows the fund to pay out to discharged soldiers studying in vocational colleges. Finally, it allows the Fund to help lone soldiers with rent.
  35. Amendment to Senior Citizen Law – Government Bill – The law allows people over 80 to cut to the front of the line at government offices, banks, the post office, theaters, museums, large stores and other sites.  Now that’s a law everyone can get behind. Or in front of! Am I right? In all seriousness, when I saw this law, I thought yea! That makes sense. But not a month ago I was waiting at a pharmacy and a very old woman was waiting behind me and I could have very easily given her my number and I didn’t. Thomas Hobbes proven right once again.
  36. State Comptroller Bill – David Bitan – Likud – Creates a pathway for those who work within the State Comptroller’s office to bring complaints of major violations occurring within the office.
  37. Joint Investment Trust Law – 24/7/2017- Government Bill – You should really consult your accountant on this one, but simply, this regulates the “Teudot Sal” market. These act like private bonds with a greater risk of non-payment at the end of the term.
  38. Prohibition on Discrimination in Goods, Services and Entrance to Places of Entertainment and Public Spaces Law – 5/6/2017 – Robert Ilatov, Yakov Margi, Orly Levi-Abukasis – Prevents people not granting access to those wearing uniforms of the security arms or rescue arms of the state to public services or public places.
  39. Free Education for Sick Kids Law – 11/7/2017 – Yossi Yona, Dov Khenin, Orly Levi-Abukasis, Avi Dichter, Aliza Lavie, Kasania Svetlova, Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Eyal Ben Reuven, Roy Falkman, Merav Ben Ari, Yifat Shaha Biton, Tali Ploskov, Karin Elharrar, Tamar Zandberg, Michal Rozin, Yisrael Eichler, Nachman Shai, Hamad Amar, Shelly Yachimovitch, Yael German, Yoel Rozvozov, Yakov Margi, Michal Biran, Micky Rosenthal, Itzik Shmuli, Eitan Broshi, Nurit Koren, Avraham Negosa, Na’ava Boker, Micky Zohar, David Amsalem, Robert Ilatov, Betazalel Smotrich, Ayman Odeh, Airda Tuma Saliman, Yusuf Jubran, Abdallah Abu Ma’aruf – Previously, hospitalized children above the age of 5 would receive free education, this lowers the age to three.
  40. Electronic Check Clearing Law – 30/10/2017 – Government Bill –   As part of Israel’s movement away from clearing checks physically to electronically, this law increases the amount of banks who can clear and the types of checks that can be cleared. What this means for you (theoretically) is lower fees.


  41. Judicial Assistance Law – 24/7/2017 – Shuli Moalem-Refaeli, Merav Michaeli, Orly Levi-Abukasis – Victims of sexual crimes will receive free legal consultations and assistance during the course of their case.
  42. Daycare Operation Oversight – 26/7/2017 – Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Yifat Shasha Biton, Yakov Margi, Yulia Melinovski, Karin Elharrar, Aliza Lavi, Tali Ploskov, Merav Ben Ari, Naava Boker, Robert Ilatov, Oded Forer, Yehuda Glick, Taakov Peri, David Bitan, Yossi Yona, Mordhay Yogev, Itzik Shmuli, Eli Elalouf, Eitan Cabel, Nissan Slomiansky, Yoav Kish, Nachman Shai, Revital Sweid, Dov Khenin, Haim Yelin, Mickey Levi, Ofer Shelah, Yael German, Tamar Zandberg, Michal Rozin, Kasania Svetlova – The law allows the Minister of Education to create conditions for opening up a day care and to decide the services that must be offered by a daycare. It creates employment conditions for employees (no pedophiles or other criminals…good idea!) and nutrition standards (only licensed suppliers and more transparency). Furthermore, it sets a maximum price for daycares. A special position will be created to oversee the implementation of the law.
  43. Oversight of Public Daycare Prices – 29/5/2017 – Yifat Sasha Biton, Tali Ploskov, Na’ava Boker, Meir Cohen, Dov Khenin, Yitzchak Vaknin, Eli Elalouf, Michal Rozin, David Amsalem, Osama Sa’adi, Machlouf Miki Zohar, Merav Ben-Ari, Yehuda Glick, David Bitan, Avraham Negosa, Karin Elharrar, Yoel Hasson, Nurit Koren, Uri Maklev, Abd-alHakim Hajj Yihya, Shuli Moalem Refaeli, Aliza Lavie, Robert Ilatov, Revital Sweid, Anat Barko, the infamous Oren Hazan, Ikhram Hasson, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Yossi Yona, Itzik Shmuli – The law puts in a number of methods to limit daycare prices. It sets up a government committee to deal with the issue. It allows the Minister of Interior to set the maximum price for public daycares along with the services that must be offered. Daycares which violate the directives will be fined 50,000 NIS. The law is notable because it makes summer daycares being run in public buildings more affordable, though it also reduces the amount of money that local governments can make on daycare.
  44. Right to work while Sitting Law – Oren Hazan, Yulia Malinovsky, Robert Ilatov, Hamad Amar, Oded Forer, Eli Elalouf, Itzik Shmuli Yisrael Eichler, Dov Khenin, Yosi Yona, Eitan Cabel – The law creates minimum work conditions for private sector security. It guarantees them a place to sit, heat or cooling in the appropriate seasons and a nearby electrical outlet.
  45. Amendment to Proof Law – 24/7/2017 – Yifat Sha’asha Biton, David Bitan, Yakov Margi, Ahmad Tibi, Karin Elharrar, Michal Rozin, Tali Poloskov – Creates a number of protections for children who are giving testimony in realtion to sexual crimes or domestic violence. According to the law anyone under the age of 14 will be accompanied by the investigator of the crime while they are giving testimony. Furthermore, the accused will not be allowed to cross examine the child, only their lawyer can. In addition, there will be limits to how long cross examination can continue and courts must provide children with appropriate waiting rooms before they testify.
  46. Planning and Building Law – 26/7/2017 – Roy Folkman – Makes it easier to split an existing home (not an apartment in a building) into two “apartments”. The new “apartment” will not be required to have a bomb shelter and local councils will be expected to more frequently distribute approvals of these plans. The second “apartment” can only be rented out and not sold.
  47. Planning and Building Bill – Government – Local planning and building committees can now demand indemnification letters before approval for projects is given. These letters are agreements for damages paid if provisions of contracts aren’t met.
  48. Promotion of Building in Preferred Areas Ordinance – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – The goal of this law is to reduce regulation during the planning process of apartment building. It lays out the criteria for housing complexes that can apply for speedy approval under the “Vatmal Law”. The Vatmal law states that the complex must be planned for public land and that there must be 750 housing units. This ordinance also allows for complexes built on private land to be rushed as long as it is a demolish and clear plan that will build over 500 units or if it is a new plan for land owned by a number of entities. At least 15% of the units built must be affordable. 
  49. National Service Bill – Government bill – The bill orders the functioning of national civil service, something which anyone who has served could tell you was necessary. This includes the creation of a public council to make recommendations and to partially oversee the service, regulations on how entities that use or operate national service can run their businesses and regulators who will ensure that the entities making use of national service volunteers are ideologically suitable. The bill is very long and I did not read the entire document. If you feel that I missed something important, please leave a comment below!
  50. Women’s Labor Law – 27/6/2017 – Eitan Cabel, Mordhay Yogev, Ayal Ben Reuven, Roy Falkman, Yoav Kish, David Amsalem, David Bitan, Itzik Shmuli, Nachman Shai, Yussi Yonah, Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Michal Rozin, Revital Sweid, Yakov Peri, Yakov Asher, Ofer Shelah, Meir Cohen, Orly Levy Abukasis, Robert Ilatov, Tali Ploskov, Yoel Hasson, Omer Bar-Lev, Merav Ben-Ari, Anat Barko, Yehuda Glick, Na’ava Boker, Ikram Hasson, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Nurit Koren, Amir Peretz – Allows women to miss an hour of work if their husband is serving in the reserves for at least five consecutive days and they have young children. Here’s my question regarding the bill, what about single parents? Should they also receive special attention?
  51. Political Party Law – 24/7/2017 – Yoav Kish, David Bitan – Workers voting in party primaries can take a day or half a day off to vote. Employers must keep it a secret if an employee takes a day off for this reason.
  52. Child Council Law – 26/7/2017 – Manuel Trajtenberg, Eli Elalouf, Orly Levy-Abukasis, Yakov Margi, Yifat Shasha Biton, David Amsalem – Establishes a special council for children aged 0-5. The council will be responsible for creating multiyear plans for the age group, for coordinating between different ministries on matters related to the age, for coordinating between local and national authorities regarding disabled children and setting standards for those who work with the age amongst other things.
  53. Public Health Protection Law – 24/7/2017 – Elie Elalouf (Kulanu)- Clarifies how often meat must be checked before going out to market and eliminates costs for meat checking on meat that is being exported.
  54. Financial Services Oversight Bill – 17/7/2017- Uri Maklev and Moshe Gafni (UTJ) – Makes it that before a financial law suit can be filed, the plantiff must send a letter to the defendant telling them of their intention to sue and why. The goal is to create more out of court settlements to lighten the load on the courts.
  55. Disabled Parking Law – 3/7/2017 – David Amsalem, Osama Sa’adi, Micky Zohar, Merav Ben-Ari, David Bitan, Avraham Negosa, Karin Elharrar, Yoel Hasson, Nurit Koren, Uri Maklev, Abd-al-Hakim Hajj Yihya, Nissan Slomiansky, Shuli Moalem-Refaeli, Aliza Lavie, Robert Ilatov, Yehuda Glick, Yifat Shahsa Biton, Revital Sweid, Anat Barko, Oren Hazan, Ikram Hasson, Yehiel HIlik Bar, Yossi Yona, Itzik Shmuli, Dov Khenin, Eyal Ben-Reuven –  The disabled will now be able to request that the municipality put a parking spot with a personalized sign within 200 meters of the person’s house.
  56. Arrangements in the State Market Law – 3/7/2017 – David Amsalem (Likud) – If a municipality has determined that a disabled person should receive an arnona discount then that person will now be able to continue receiving that discount wherever they eventually live, including if someone else lives there.
  57. Parking for the Disabled Law – Karin ElHarrar, Micki Rosenthal, Ofer Shelah, Dov Khenin and Itzik Shmuli – The law will create parking spaces for the disabled in loading and unloading areas during the down times for those areas.
  58. Income Tax Amendment Law – 24/7/2017 – Government Bill – I am in no way qualified to understand the full extent of this bill, but in short it makes it easier for companies to receive investors.
  59. The Authority for the Fight against Violence, Drugs and Alcohol Law – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – This bill arranges coordination between three government different bodies that work in the fields of violence drugs and alcohol.
  60. Women Labor Rights Bill – Yakov Asher, Moshe Gafni, Uri Maklev – United Torah Judaism (Bet ya didn’t see that coming!)- The bill makes it so that new mothers who work at least 174 hours a month can take one hour off of work a day. Previously, the law did not clearly define “full-time working”.
  61. Limitations on the Return of a Sexual Offenders to the Vicinity of their Victim – Yael German, Chaim Yelin, Aliza Lavie, Micki Levy, Karin ElHarrar, Yoel Razvozov, Ya’akov Peri, Esawi Frij, Michal Rozin, Merav Ben-Ari, Oded Forer, Uri Maklev, Yehiel Hilik-Bar, Dov Khenin, Osama Sa’adi, Abdulla Abu Ma’aruf, Stav Shafir, Ilan Gilon, Eli Elalouf, Yifat Shasha Biton, Yossi Yonah, Tamar Zandberg, Tali Ploskov – Updates an existing law to prevent sexual offenders from studying at an institution near their victim’s person, place of work or residence.
  62. Non-Profit Organization Law – 15/5/2017 – Government Bill – Allows for the online submission of documents related to the founding of a non-profit.
  63. Passport Law – 26/6/2017 – Oded Forer, Yulia Melinovsky (Yisrael Beitenu) – Allows new immigrants to immediately receive a passport instead of a Teudat Ma’avar (a temporary passport that is essentially useless outside of Israel ensuring that the immigrant must hold on to their passport from their mother country).
  64. Sde Dov Bill – Whole bunches of MKs – Sde Dov will continue to operate as a civilian airport.
  65. Consumer Protection Bill – 18/7/2017 – Yoel Hasson, David Bitan and Eitan Cabel – Makes businesses present the ways that a business agreement could be cancelled and introduces sanctions for businesses who do not do that.
  66. Consumer Protection Law – 26/7/2017 – Eitan Cabel, Dov Khenin, Esawi Frij, Itzik Shmuli, Manueal Trajtenberg, Toel Hasson, Nachman Shai – This amendment creates regulations for consumer clubs. Amongst other things it requires businesses offering consumer club rewards to give notification to customers if the program is going to be cancelled or changed at least 3 months before hand. 
  67. Recognizing Civilians’ role in the Battles of Israel – MKs from the Zionist Union, Likud, Yesh Atid and Meretz – Creates a special award and certificates for civilians who have helped Israel on its various fronts.
  68. Qadi Bill– Esawi Frij-Meretz – Raises the qualifications for who is a Qadi and regulates for the committee that appoints Qadi’s to state positions.
  69. Political Party Law – 24/7/2017 – Yoav Kish, David Bitan – Workers voting in party primaries can take a day or half a day off to vote. Employers must keep it a secret if an employee takes a day off for this reason.
  70. Train Conductor Law – Government Bill – The law creates criteria for receiving a license to drive a train. It is somewhat troubling that many of these did not already exist, such as training in emergency situations and gaining familiarity on the Israeli railway system and train technology.
  71. Retirement Age Law – 24/7/2017 – Orly Levi Abukasis, Merav Michaeli, Moshe Gafni, Sharren Haskel, Zehava Galon, Eitan Beroshi, Yitzhak Vaknin, Micky Rosenthal, Oded Forer, Betzalel Smotrich, David Bitan, Micky Levy, Manuel Trachtenberg, Roy Folkman, Rachel Azaria, Ahmad Tibi, Micky Zohar – Makes it so that the National Insurance Institute must follow government decisions on retirement age. It also makes it so that the retirement age can only raise with a government decision.
  72. Voting with an Army Identity Law – Whole bunches of MKs – Allows soldiers to vote with their army IDs.
  73. Status of the World Zionist Congress and the Jewish Agency Bill – Nachman Shai, David Bitan – Zionist Union, Likud – Allows the government to work with the WZC and the JA on certain issues without publishing tenders.
  74. Criminal Law Bill – Government Bill – Currently, there are certain minor crimes that will get you a fine and for which you can ask for a court appearance. There are also court appearances that you can get out of by just paying a fine. This bill makes all fines the former in order to lessen the burdens on the courts.
  75. Debt Collection Bill – 17/7/2017- Government Bill – Increases the possibilities of appeals in the event that the government began a debt collection process.
  76. Payment Bill – Government Bill – Creates maximum time periods for payment in exchange for services rendered.
  77. State Market Regulation Bill – 30/10/2017 – Government Bill – The law deals with gas usage in houses. It gives the government more enforcement capabilities in the event that a company that provides gas breaks the law. It also regulates how fines work and how they’re publicized.
  78. Insurance Contract Law – Many MKs – If an insurance company accidently delays payment, the company will now have to pay a higher rate of interest on the money owed.
  79. Payment to Victims of Terror Law – Chaim Yelin, David Bitan, Yossi Yona, Moshe Gafni – The law allows Israelis affected by acts of terror outside of Israel to receive payments from the state.
  80. Extending Emergency Laws (Judea and Samaria – jurisdiction) – 26/6/2017 – Government Bill – Theoretically, Israeli citizens living in Judea and Samaria need to go to the army if their house is robbed. This law extends the emergency law, which allows them to call the Israeli police regarding these matters.
  81. Income Tax Regulation Amendment – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – Allows government companies who work mainly in foreign currencies to keep their records in those currencies.
  82. Pharmacist Regulation Law – 15/5/2017 – Eli Elalouf (Kulanu) – Amends this law to allow pharmacists with 2 years of experience who hold MAs or PhDs in pharmacology to skip a 60 hour in order to give prescriptions. The course covers issues they would have already learned in school.
  83. Foreign Workers Law – 26/6/2017 – Michal Rozin (Meretz) – The bill does a number of things. First it requires the Minister of Labor to come to a decision on how foreign workers should be paid in order to reduce the number of untracked cash payments. Second, if an employer has an outstanding fine related to employing foreign workers, he will not be able to receive authorization to hire more foreign workers. Finally, it adds certain reasons that an employer can be denied a license to employ a foreign worker.
  84. Money Laundering Prohibition Bill – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – Adds credit card clearing companies to those who must follow anti-money laundering prohibitions.
  85. Amendment to the Municipal and Governmental Tax Law – Menachem Eliezer Moses and Yoav Ben-Tzur, just an Ashkenazi (UTJ) and Sephardi (Shas) ultra-Orthodox couple out on the town – We wrote about this last week. Creates arnona exemptions for houses of religious study.
  86. Money Laundering Prohibition Bill – Government Bill – Fixes a technical issue with an existing law that allows for loopholes regarding money laundering…I’m not sure if this should instill confidence that they caught the mistake or if we should be concerned that the original law did not number its articles correctly.
  87. National Insurance Institute Law – 24/7/2017 – Moshe Gafni, Uri Maklev, Yakov Asher, Eli Elalouf, Oded Forer, Itzik Shmuli, Ilan Gilaon, Meir Cogen, Betzalel Smotrich, Yigal Gouta, Ahmad Tibi, David Bitan – Expands the definition of a child to anyone continuing their studies while before it was limited to the age of 20 with regards to work accident insurance. It also expands the definition of child in terms of other payments and the definition of a widower.
  88. Entrance to Israel Law – Whole bunches of MKs – We wrote about this law in the past. It prevents Israel boycott activists from receiving visas, though the Minister of the Interior can allow for it. The only major changes they made to the bill since its first reading is to clarify that the call for boycott must be public and that if the person has committed to supporting boycott then the law applies to them.
  89. Entrance to Israel Bill (amendment 28) – a number of MKs – The much more boring amendment in a law that may end up banning BDS activists from entering the country. This one just helps define the Minister of Interior’s role in the law.
  90. Local Election Bill – Ilan Gilon, Aliza Lavie (Teamwork!) – Establishes rules allowing prisoners to vote in local elections for where they live when they’re not in prison. It will also allow prison guards to vote at those voting booths as well. This could lead to a fascinating Shawshank Redemption meets the West Wing movie.
  91. Holocaust Victim Property Law – 27/6/2017 – Government Bill – Currently, there exists a committee that helps find and return property taken from Jews during the Holocaust. The property is returned to heirs and when no heirs can be found it is sold and the money used to support Holocaust survivors. Their mandate ends at the end of 2017 and this law transfers that mandate to a different, smaller entity.
  92. Police Order Amendment – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – Allows the police to use polygraph tests to examine some job candidates.
  93. Media Law – 29/5/2017 – Nachman Shai, Anat Barko, Oded Forer, Kasina Svetlova, Yitzhak Vaknin, Aliza Lavi, Nurit Koren, David Amsalem, Tali Ploskov, Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Eitan Broshi, Eitan Cabel, Manuel Trachtenburgh, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Yoel Hasson, Micky Levy, Omer Barlev, Haim Yelin, Esawi Frij, Merav Michaeli, Ayal Ben-Reuven, Sharon Haskel – Allows for non-Hebrew news to be broadcast on Israeli television without a special authorization for channels that are already authorized to broadcast. Bet you didn’t know that couldn’t be done ‘til now.
  94. Designs Law – 26/7/2017 – Government Bill – The law establishes copyright laws for designs made by Israeli artists. It grants a 25 year monopoly to patented designs and 3 years for unlicensed designs. The law also brings Israel in line with an international agreement that will allow Israeli artists to apply for global patents. Finally, the law grants courts the abilities to award compensation without proof of damages among other things.
  95. Copyright Law – MKs from Shas, Likud, Kulanu and Yesh Atid – The law strengthens copyright laws for recording artists.
  96. Dog Regulation Bill – Nurit Cohen, Sharren Haskel, Yoel Hasson, Yosi Yona, Tamar Zandberg, Michal Rozin, Avraham Nagosa, Amir Ohana, Hamad Amar, David Bitan, Orli Levy-Abukasis, Yael German, Roy Folkman – Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Yesh Atid, Kulanu – 4.5 million NIS a year will now be dedicated to curbing stray dogs.
  97. Cancellation of Press Ordinance –29/5/2017- Government Bill – The bill cancels a number of ordinances having to do with newspapers that date back to the 30s. The ordinances include needing a license to start a newspaper, needing to have graduated high school to get a license and allowing the Minister of the Interior to halt the publishing of any paper. Congratulations to MK Yair Lapid who can now receive a license to start a newspaper.
  98. Penal Code Law Amendment – Michal Rozin, Meretz – The bill increases the statute of limitations in cases of rape by cousin. The previous version of the law,included aunts and uncles, but not cousins. Therefore, a minor will have until 28 (and not 18) to bring their case to the police. A second part of the amendment was split off from this law and will be considered separately. It would obligate people to report any suspicion of incest to police. I think its fascinating to consider whether that would be a good idea or not.
  99. Easing the Regulation for Businesses Law – 24/7/2017 – Ichram Hasson, David Amsalam, Naave Boker, Zohir Bahloul, Yaakov Asher – Allows business to display one sign with all the necessary warnings and laws (such as “People under 18 cannot buy alcohol”) as opposed to multiple signs.
  100. Six Day War and a Liberated and Unified Jerusalem Heritage Center on Ammunition Hill Law – 17/5/2017 – Government Bill – Will expand the activities of the existing site on Ammunition Hill commemorating the Six Day War. It will transfer the responsibilities of doing so from the NGO currently doing so to the government.
  101. Local By-Law Inspector Extension – An extension of another ordinance that gives municipal authorities the ability to appoint inspectors to enforce by-laws (חוקי עזר). The inspectors have some police like authority and can help police with regards to crimes of violence.
  102. Sports Gambling Amendment – Government Bill – This amendment does a number of things, some of which you may even care about. It changes how money raised from gambling is raised, adds an overseeing body for sports gambling, lowers the amount of money that people running sports gambling operations can take in, outlaws certain games that were considered to be too addictive, limits advertising and regulates money laundering.
  103. Warnings for the Irresponsible Bill – Zehava Galon, Moshe Gafni, Eitan Cabel, Shelly Yachimovitch, Rachel Azaria (So much teamwork!) – Advertisements for loans must include warnings that not paying off the loan in time can lead to interest payments and debt collection processes…who’da thunk?
  104. Oil Company Law – Government Bill – The law gives official status to the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline company and makes it a state company. For more read this.
  105. Appeal Rights for Medical License Application Law – Oded Forer, Orly Levi-Abukasis, Hamad Amar, Robert Ilatov, Merav Ben-Ari, Yael German, Eitan Beroshi, Miki Levi, Aliza Lavi, Yossi Yonah, Ayelet Nehemias Verbin, Nachman Shai, Avraham Negosa, Elazar Stern, Eli Elaluf, Betzalael Smotrich, Ahmad Tibi, Osama Sa’adi – Stipulates that requests for a medical license must be answered within 30 days and appeal committees must be set up to receive appeals of those decisions. The law is a wonderful example of bi-partisan work in the Knesset.
  106. Regional Council Law – 29/5/2017 – Government Bill – Moves elections for regional councils to the same time as elections for municipalities and local councils.
  107. Victory Day Over Nazi Germany Law – 26/7/2017 – Oded Forer, Tali Ploskov, Robert Ilatov, Yulia Melonovski – Makes May 9th the celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany. This will include a number of official celebrations in the Knesset and around the country.
  108. Easing Disciplinary Measures Taken against Professionals – 19/6/2017 – Government Bill – This bill allows the President to “pardon” professionals who have had their license revoked or suspended. To this I say, sure, why not.
  109. 2nd Broadcast Authority Law -24/7/2017 – Mickey Zohar, Yaakov Margi, Itzik Shmuli, Yoav Ben Tsur, Sharren Haskel, Naava Boker, Mordhay Yogev, Avraham Negosa – Allows television broadcasters to change the amount of time dedicated to advertisements on their stations as long as less than 10% of broadcasting time is advertisements. For radio broadcasters the amount is increased as long as it does not exceed a set monthly limit.
  110. Benjamin Zeev Herzl Law – 26/7/2017 – David Bitan, Tali Ploskov, Tifat Shasha Biton, Yoav Kish, Sharren Haskel – Enshrines in law that the state should spend state money to support events and exhibits run by the WZO.
  111. Knesset Channel Broadcast Bill – Committee Bill – The bill allows for general news to be broadcasted on the Knesset Channel. It won’t change much, so let’s talk over here on camera 1…Lovelies, watching the Knesset Channel can actually be fun. I promise. There are the wacky parliamentary sessions, the montages of funny things that have happened and more. I also have a proposal for a reality show on the channel that would feature rookie parliamentarians. Best case scenario, two of them hook up and we have Israel’s most popular show on our hands. That’s all.
  112. Sate Market Regulations Law – 26//7/2017 – David Amsalem –  Creates standard rounding regulations for centimeters when measuring in meters for Arnona. .5 and under rounds down and .51 and over rounds up. This law was created after a supreme court case which resulted in the state having to re-measure an apartment for 2000 NIS to check whether a resident should save 30 NIS.
  113. Post Office Amendment – Government Bill – Allows various state institutions to send official mail under the name “State of Israel”. Sadly, there’s nothing here requiring the post office to actually deliver mail.
  114. Traffic Ordinance Law – 28/6/2017 – Government Bill – This is a housekeeping law that eliminates an article that is no longer applicable due to an extension of a different article regarding taxi licenses. Exciting!
  115. Wingate Institute Law – Government Bill – Gives the Wingate Institute for Sports Excellence an official legal standing.
  116. Amendment to the Work Safety Law– 3/7/2017 – Eyal Ben Reuven, Yaakov Margi, Nurit Koren, Na’ava Boker, Eitan Cabel, Dov Khenin, Amir Peretz, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Omer Bar-Lev, Yussi Yona, Nachman Shai – Previously, in the work safety law, a qualified person is a man of 18 years or more. This law changes “man” to “someone”.
  117. USA- Israel Education Fund Law – 24/7/2017 – Government Bill- Grants tax exemption to the fund’s operations in Israel and special status to Americans who work for the fund here.
  118. Israel Public Broadcasting Bill (amendment no. 7)  – Government Bill – 26/4/2017 – The bill delays the opening of the Israeli Public Broadcasting Authority to May 15th 2017 and makes some budgetary changes. But since no one I know cares, let’s focus on the fantastic reservations to the bill on which the opposition forced votes. Most of them involved an attempt to add a “goal of the law” section at the top whose text would include “The goal of the law is to put fear into the heart of the Israeli media”, or “The goal of the law is to waste the money of Israeli taxpayers” (ironic because the MKs took out paid time to vote on that addition), or “The goal of the law is to get rid of free media”. The Knesset everybody! For more on the IPBA issue see here or here.
  119. Israel Public Broadcasting Bill (amendment no. 8) – Government Bill – 10/5/2017 – The law changes the structure of the IPBA. It establishes a separate public broadcasting organization dedicated to news and removes the news function from the soon to be established IPBA. I yearn for the day when I will no longer have to write about this issue.