(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Government Eavesdropping and the Opening of the Credit Industry

More bills! Over the next few days we will continue putting up bills passed at the end of the last session in preparation for the start of the new session. Stay tuned for more politics and economics posts coming soon!  Continue reading “(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Government Eavesdropping and the Opening of the Credit Industry”

(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Renters Rights and Internet Control

In preparation for the Knesset’s return we’ve started to get through the remaining bills from the end of the Knesset’s last session. Make sure to check out the updated Kalpi database of bills passed by the current Knesset!

Renting and Borrowing Bill – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – We wrote about this bill here for Kalpi and here for Jerusalem Construction News. More rights for those renting apartments in the country.

Authorities in Preventing the Crimes Committed on Websites Law – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – This is a fascinating law. It allows courts to shut down sites involved in crimes such as drug distribution, pedophilia and terrorism. Courts can also order search engines to not include websites in their search results and can ask that sites that archive other websites to delete the illegal websites. What do you think?

Consumer Protection Bill – 18/7/2017 – Yoel Hasson, David Bitan and Eitan Cabel – Makes businesses present the ways that a business agreement could be cancelled and introduces sanctions for businesses who do not do that.

Income Tax Regulation Amendment – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – Allows government companies who work mainly in foreign currencies to keep their records in those currencies.

Debt Collection Bill – 17/7/2017- Government Bill – Increases the possibilities of appeals in the event that the government began a debt collection process.

Money Laundering Prohibition Bill – 17/7/2017 – Government Bill – Adds credit card clearing companies to those who must follow anti-money laundering prohibitions.

Financial Services Oversight Bill – 17/7/2017- Uri Maklev and Moshe Gafni (UTJ) – Makes it that before a financial law suit can be filed, the plantiff must send a letter to the defendant telling them of their intention to sue and why. The goal is to create more out of court settlements to lighten the load on the courts.